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About Job

We produce high quality productions with our technical capability, flexicibility, know-how, and consistent production system.

Mold Design, Production

  • We have the consistent system from mold desing and production to punching process.
  • We realize excellent manufacturing by cooperation with punching division and Try&Error.
  • We produce the structure and the shape of mold for cost reduction and high quality.

Press Bending, Punching

  • We process metal materials 1-5mm thickness bending and punching by press machines.
  • We use progressive molds for reduction. It realizes cost reduction of products.
  • You can order the multi-kind and the small lot production.
  • We addopt original facilities which balanced the burden on worker reduction, security with work efficiency.
Press machine operators can take out punched materials efficiently without putting their hands between molds by our original mechanism. 


  • Our original leveller machines are able to warp base-plates punched by press machines.
  • We can warp base-plates any level and direction by applying pressure to them.


  • We remove dust and machine oil from punched materials by degreasing.
  • We can reduce manufacturing cost by adopting automatic washing machine.

Resist Resin Printing

  • You can order to print resist resin(UV hardened type) on base.
  • We have the consistent process from pressing to printing, it makes be able to reduce total cost and lead time.


  • We can plating on our base-plates, electrodes, and terminal-pins by cooperative companies.
  • You can order striped puttern and to change plating materials.

Inspection, Quality Control

  • We can measure and analyse your specification factors such as dimensions, warp levels, hardness and so on at our inspection and quality control.
  • We can evaluation products having complex structure by using 3D structure measuring machines.

Follow Through Service

  • Our specialists take care of troubles and specifications changes quickly.
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