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SDGs 17 Goals

Actions for SDGs

The Sansho seisakusyo Co., Ltd. aims at the contribution to SDGs 17 goals through our company activities.

About SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals - is the international goal until 2030 adopted by the United Nations Summit of 2015.

It consist of 17 goals and 169 targets as the action plan for Human, Earth, and Prosperity on the oath "Leave No One Behind".

It is the universal action, not only developing countries but also developed countries have to work on. In Japan, many companies and institutions work on SDGs actively.

Our approach specific example

Offering our productions for Renewable Energy Generation Facilities and Eco-Cars

 We can process the copper materials which have high thermal and electronic conductivitiy. Therefore the Base-Plate, Electrode, and Terminal-Pin which we produced are used for power semiconductors for Eco-Cars such as EV and FCV, and Renewable Energy Generation Facilities such as the wind-generated electricity.
 We produce our high-quality productions continuingly in order to improve the gloval environment by diffusion of  Renewable Energy Generation Facilities and Eco-Cars in the whole world.

The active employment of persons with disabilities

 9% of the whole our employee has disabilities. We are accredited as the compony witch employs persons with disabilities actively by Kyoto organization.
 As stated above, our products are important items for improvement of global environment. So, persons with disabilities can join actions for SDGs.
 As shown left, we sometimes give students of schools for the deaf a tour of our company.

Copper Materials Recycling

 We recycle left-over materials after pressing such as copper, copper alloy, and so on. In addition, We cut up them(left photo) in order to carry them efficiently.
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